Take part in our informal Yocto Project survey

Yocto Project can nowadays be considered the ‘de facto‘ standard among the automated generation systems of embedded linux distributions.
Experienced users appreciate the features offered by Yocto Project and its complete customization that allows to adapt it to any specific requirement.
However, from the beginner’s point of view, the situation is a bit more complicated due to the Yocto Project’s particularly steep learning curve.
The tools that can support the development with Yocto Project are Toaster, that allow the configuration of the builds through a web interface, and the ‘extended SDK‘ (eSDK), based on Devtool which allows the system to be tuned or extended without editing configuration files.

Probably anyone who has tried to use Yocto Project will certainly have had the desire at least once to have a feature not available.
For this reason it might be interesting to discuss it together.

  • What aspects of Yocto Project you consider not useful or misleading?
  • What functionality would you like to have in Yocto Project?
  • What do you think is missing?

Take part to the survey at this link: http://bit.ly/2kXvdsd

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