Our training offer

We provide our customers with tools and methods that have enabled us to organize our work efficiently for years.

We want to share all we know to help create a healthy and value-oriented community.
We have designed modular training programs, delivered in sessions tailored to your team and with informal, tangible and highly experiential content.
Not hours of slides and handouts, but practical exercises, explanations that promote dialogue, as well as interactive activities designed to solidify the fundamental concepts through a lived experience.

On-line Linux embedded and Yocto training

KOAN is offering all trainings as online or in-person courses.

Linux embedded training academy

Linux embedded + Yocto

Basic course aimed at beginners with a minimum of knowledge of Linux, it provides the information needed to configure and cross-compile the Kernel, the Device Tree and the Bootloader u-boot. In addition to embedded Linux, a whole day is dedicated to the Yocto Project.

Yocto Project training academy

Yocto Project advanced

Advanced course that provides the information needed to configure and use the Yocto Project (and Openembedded), bitbake and git creating a Linux embedded BSP from scratch. Recipe management with custom layers.

Linux device drivers training academy

Device drivers

One-day course dedicated to the creation of device drivers for Linux with practical development exercises with the driver model, udev and hardware interrupt management.

Linux realtime training academy

Real Time

One-day course dedicated to real time linux with PREEMPT_RT and Xenomai hard real time extensions.

Qt C++/QML Training academy

Qt toolkit (C++ / QML)

High-level introductory course offering a complete overview of the main features in a single day. The program focuses on C++ widgets and QML QtQuick using QtCreator for the Qt and Qt embedded multi-platform graphics library.


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Online courses

Linux embedded online training

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List of our past courses

Here you can find the list of the past courses we ran worldwide