Our training offer

We provide our customers with tools and methods that have enabled us to organize our work efficiently for years.

We want to share all we know to help create a healthy and value-oriented community.
We have designed modular training programs, delivered in sessions tailored to your team and with informal, tangible and highly experiential content.
Not hours of slides and handouts, but practical exercises, explanations that promote dialogue, as well as interactive activities designed to solidify the fundamental concepts through a lived experience.

Linux embedded

Software development, applications development, native or cross-platform device drivers for Linux
The objective of KOAN’s courses is to supply to the participants a complete technical preparation that puts them in the position to managing the job or the whole project in autonomy.  The course comes normally binds together to you as a result of a project start-up.

Yocto Project

Training courses provides high quality training in embedded Linux systems development.
Courses include plenty of hands-on training for a rich experience.
This allows students to practice the skills needed to successfully develop, test, and integrate complex embedded system software.

Device drivers

The courses are held from KOAN staff at the customer’s facilities or at KOAN offices in Bergamo.
There are no limits to the number of participants even if the maximum advised number is of 3-4 people for course.

Real Time

The starting point of a course is is related to many factors, mainly to the participants knowledge.
The course can also be tailored in order to guarantee to each company the best relationship between investment and goals.

Qt toolkit (C++ / QML)

All our sessions are made of theory and practice, on real hardware that we provide. The agendas are built to provide the best coverage of the topics, and are designed to introduce the concepts in a progressive way.


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Upcoming courses

Date Type Location Language Book
17/09/2019 - 19/09/2019 Linux Embedded Training Piazza Varsavia 14, Bergamo, BG, 24128 Italiano Book

List of our past courses

Here you can find the list of the past courses we ran worldwide