Qt Application Development (C++/QML)

Qt is a cross-platform development framework that allows you to implement GUI with a single code base using common APIs on all supported platforms. This translates into a huge time savings in the development of graphic applications.
Our team of talented developers is able to develop Qt applications on embedded Linux systems with C++/QML language.

We offer support for the development of user interfaces (UI) using the Qt toolkit in C++/QML. Among our services we can manage the portability of pre-existing software from Windows and Mac OSX systems to Linux embedded and the integration of the Qt framework in the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded development system

Graphical User Interface

We develop graphical user interface applications optimized for automotive, vending machines, home automation, access control and much more.

Case history

We have developed GUI applications with Qt5 in C++ and QML for leading companies in the food & beverage market.