We support companies in the complex integration processes of embedded Linux systems, combining experience and method with deep technological knowledge which is the result of continuous research and development.
We develop software following Agile methodologies and optimize it with Continuous Integration practices to transform ideas into successful IoT embedded systems.
With our services we support companies that deal with electronics, industrial automation, telecommunications, automotive, mechatronics and aerospace.


KOAN established 1996 as software engineering in the industrial automation field.
Since 2000 we have specialized in embedded and real time solutions.
Today all our services are focused as a software supplier for embedded Linux and IoT systems.

Software & Firmware

We can support the customer starting from the analysis of the problem to the realization of the final product.
Our team of experts is able to follow all the phases of design, development and testing.
We do not use proprietary solutions but only Open Source operating systems.
We develop software on embedded Linux systems and RealTime on custom devices based on ARM and x86 architectures.


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We believe that the development of software programs requires the personal, creative and intuitive component of the developer.
This combined with experience leads to the development of high quality products.

From this philosophy, KOAN was born in 1996.
In Zen philosophy, a koan is a problem constructed with care and ingenuity specifically to induce the observer to realize the limits of logic and reasoning and to highlight the importance of intuition.

Who is master in the art of living 
draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play,
his mind and his body,
his labor and his leisure,
his education and his recreation,
his love and his religion. 
He simply pursues his vision of excellence 
through whatever he is doing, 
and leaves others to determine 
whether he is working or playing. 
To himself, he always appears to be doing both.

-- zen proverb