Marco Cavallini di KOAN presented a workshop at LinuxLab 2018 – 3 e 4 December 2018 in Florence, Italy

Slides of the workshop are available below.

The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that provides models, tools and methods to create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products that are independent from the adopted hardware architecture. The project was created in 2010 as a collaboration among several hardware manufacturers, open-source operating system providers and electronics companies to bring some order into the chaos of Linux Embedded development. Over the years, Yocto Project has established itself as the de-facto standard for the generation of embedded Linux systems, surpassing alternative products thanks to its characteristics.The free tools that Yocto provides are powerful and easily generated (including emulation environments, debuggers, an application generator toolkit, etc.). The complete abstraction from the hardware of the development environment allows to optimize the investments made during the prototyping phase. The Yocto Project encourages the adoption of this technology by the open source community allowing users to focus on the characteristics and development of their product.

Marco Cavallini is a FOSS developer and evangelist since 1999 and a C/C++ programmer since mid 80s. He founded KOAN on 1996, an Italian based Linux embedded consultancy and service provider. He is a Yocto Project Advocate and OpenEmbedded member and provides several trainings and consultancy services across Europe. When not using computers, Marco is usually interested in mixing physics with philosophy and practicing archery.

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