This week we started teaching Yocto Project in our first online training ever.
In our virtual class we have seven participants attending the lesson through our teaching platform Whereby.

Koan online training

During the lesson, whoever was able to submit their questions to the tutor Marco Cavallini.

Our initiative has born to remedy the impossibility of taking courses in person. This first training is having a great success and we are receiving many requests to participate.
This makes us very happy and rewards our resilience in facing challenges even in the most difficult moments.
Above all we want to thank the companies and people who trust us and help us not to stop despite the difficulties of Covid-19.

Yocto Project Participant

We are preparing the training calendar that will start in April stay tuned to get the latest updates. In the meantime you can contact us if you are interested to participate to one of our online courses.

Perché nöter an #MOLAMIA #stayathome

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