Koan BSP for Engicam iMX6 – Yocto Project

This is the unofficial Yocto Project setup system for Engicam iMX6 boards family.

Engicam microdev iMX6

Some of our customers are using Engicam iMX6 boards and unfortunately the manufacturer provides a complete Yocto support only for a quite obsolete version pyro.

Pyro 2.3 May 2017 2.3.4

Due to a very frequent requests for an updated version we decided to provide an unofficial Yocto Project setup system for Engicam iMX6 boards family for the latest BSP available from Engicam.

Warrior 2.7 April 2019 2.7.4

Why we are not providing a newer version like dunfell 3.1 LTS ? Simple, because Engicam is providing an old BSP based on Pyro and Warrior only and we simply uncluttered it avoiding build errors and making your life easier. However if you need a different or more recent version, contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you.

KOAN provides customization on the enabled platforms creating of board support packages (BSP) products, integration of customer applications into Yocto, as well as support and maintenance plans.

Engicam iMX6 – Yocto Project setup

The setup details are available on our Github, simply start following the details in this link

Engicam MicroGEA i-MX6ULL

Download the BSP source

$: PATH=${PATH}:~/bin
$: mkdir yocto-engicam-mx6-warrior
$: cd yocto-engicam-mx6-warrior
$: repo init -u https://github.com/koansoftware/koan-engicam-mx6-bsp-repo -b warrior
$: repo sync -j8

The kit composed by these repositories

Yocto Project


Please use GitHub (https://github.com/koansoftware/koan-engicam-mx6-bsp-repo) to submit issues or pull requests, or add to the documentation on the wiki. Contributions are welcome!

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