KaeilOS embedded linux
Koan Advanced Embedded Industrial Linux Operating System

KaeilOS® (formerly Klinux) is an italian Industrial Grade Linux embedded distribution. KaeilOS is GPL Open Source licensed and 'royalty free'. It includes an integrated development environment (IDE) and debugging instruments for embedded and real time systems.

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Linux made in Italy (E.U.)

Technical support is provided as well as a skilled consulting service from company headquarters located in Bergamo.

Starting from version 4.0 KaeilOS is based on OpenEmbedded building system and uses the latest kernel 2.6. It supports all x86 and ARM family processors including the newer OMAP.

Linux embedded KaeilOS

Carrier Grade Linux Embedded

"Carrier grade" is a term for public network telecommunications products that require a reliability percentage up to 5 or 6 nines (or 99.999 to 99.9999 percent). The Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) specification, issued by network equipment providers, system integrators, platform providers , Linux distributors, and independent contributors, defines requirements for Linux and Linux-based software components as the basis for highly available and robust communications products meeting requirements in various areas such as reliability, security, and scalability. 
KOAN can help your company in the configuration of high reliable and robust KaeilOS linux systems by selecting carrier grade components, plugins and additions.


KaeilOS Openembedded Manager

KaeilOS OpenEmbedded Manager (KOM for short) is a tool designed to create and manage any OpenEmbedded based project, like KaeilOS, Angstrom, and others, launched on March 2010.

KaeilOS Openembedded Manager KOM

All KOM projects are a full-fledged overlay where you can also build your personal image or software packages. At the same time you can override other overlay in a simple way.